CDCS® AgBAlliance® Strategic Partner Network (SPAN)Activation Program

The CDCS® AgBAlliance® StrategicPartner Network (SPAN) activation program was held on 28 December, 2011 inDhaka. The network members, representing both the private and development sectors,joined hands to support CDCS® led sustainable agricultural developmentinitiatives in Bangladesh. Under an ongoing Katalyst supported intervention ofCDCS®, nine distinguished corporate and development partners vowed to pursuethe shared mission of increasing income of farmers, workers and agriculturalvalue chain actors by implementing CDCS® promoted seven good postharvestpractices (CDCS®-GPP7), while ensuring increased market share andsustainability of their own programs and activities.


In the program, CDCS® made publicCDCS®-GPP7 (Seven GoodPostharvest Practices) and inaugurated a memento showcasing partners’collective commitment to the mission. Esteemed members of CDCS® AgBAlliance®SPAN members shared their perspectives and reiterated their commitment.

The program was participatedby CDCS® AgBAlliance® SPAN members, project professionals and expertsfrom CDCS® and Swisscontact-Katalyst. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Mondol, DG, BARIwas the chief guest and Mr. Niaz Rahim, Group Director, Rahimafrooz BangladeshLtd. was the distinguished guest of the

program.The program was chaired by Prof. Dr. Rahim B.

Talukdar,President, CDCS® Knowledge Institute.